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Lamb Bottle 450 ML

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High antibody content

Real 100% natural first-milking colostrum

Boosts immunity

GMP+ certified

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Product Description

Measure and administer up to 450 ml of quality lamb colostrum with the Kerbl lamb bottle. The wide neck allows for easy filling, and the printed measurement scale means you can administer the right dosage of colostrum every time. The Kerbl drinking bottle for lambs is supplied with a teat. Feed your lambs the right quantity with complete ease.



  1. Push the teat into the threaded white ring, ensuring the teat base sits snugly along the inside edge of the ring. 
  2. Fill the lamb feeding bottle with the correct colostrum dosage.
  3. Screw the ring with correctly-attached teat onto the bottle.
  4. Snip off the top of newly-purchased teats.
  5. Administer the lamb colostrum feed.

    Product specifications

    Target animal Lambs
    Material This Kerbl-manufactured lamb bottle is made from plastic.
    Usage Colostrum administration for lambs


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    Do you have a question?

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    We are happy to provide you with advice and answer all your questions.

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