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Do you have a question or need advice?

Do you have a question?

Our team consists of various disciplines, including medical biology, orthomolecular therapy, and nutritional science. A combination of these disciplines forms the team that develops and formulates your product. We are happy to provide you with advice and answer all your questions.

We are happy to provide you with advice and answer all your questions.

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PorcaCol® is our leading colostrum powder for pigs, carefully developed to improve piglet health and growth. With high levels of natural antibodies, PorcaCol® provides excellent immune support, meaning healthy, lively litters.


PorcaCol® pig colostrum guarantees:

  • High Antibody Levels: PorcaCol® provides piglets with a rich range of antibodies, crucial for immune system development and overall health.
  • Pathogen-Free: We guarantee the absence of potential pathogens in PorcaCol® to keep your litters safe and healthy.
  • Higher Yield: Thanks to our colostrum replacer powder, pig farmers enjoy higher yields that translate into higher stock efficiency.


PorcaCol® is the best colostrum choice for newborn orphaned piglets, large litters and runts. This perfected source of crucial nutrients with powerful piglet immune system support leads to healthier, happier litters. Discover how PorcaCol® helps your piglets - and your pig farming business - grow!