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At Arts Food Products, we have extensive knowledge of colostrum and the biochemical actions that characterize this nutritious liquid. As a leading company in the sector, we specialize in the collection of colostrum from the first milking under the name Biest.nl. We have a grip on careful production of colostrum powder through which, in particular, the antibodies remain intact.


We market the colostrum powder throughout Europe under different brands. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of colostrum, we are your trusted partner for everything related to colostrum.


Our Commitment to Quality

Our dedicated team understands the importance of colostrum as the first milk that mother animals give to their young. Colostrum from the first milking contains all the components a young animal needs to survive the first few weeks of life and is invaluable to the health and development of young animals.


Colostrum provides immunity, growth, possesses antiviral and antibacterial components such as lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and lysozymes and contributes to proper intestinal function. At Arts Food Products, we strive for the highest quality standards throughout the chain, from collecting colostrum from dairy farmers to processing and packaging colostrum powder.


Our Activities

Collection of colostrum:

We collect colostrum from carefully selected dairy farmers and closely monitor the quality of the colostrum, expressed in antibodies per liter. On average, a cow gives 8 liters of colostrum. About 4-5 liters of this goes to the calf. We receive the remaining colostrum from the dairy farmer. The collected colostrum is analyzed by an external laboratory for its antibody content. This content determines the quality of the colostrum. This is important both for the dairy farmer and for our final product.


We send the results of the antibody levels back to the supplying dairy farmer. The data resulting from the colostrum analyses are kept up to date for the dairy farmer in our dedicated app, which also shows the course of the quality over time and a benchmark for the region. In this way the dairy farmer can keep an eye on the colostrum quality and correct it if necessary.


Processing of colostrum and mixing and packaging:

Through a unique production process, colostrum is processed into powder at a low temperature, preserving a variety of important components including antibodies. We transfer the powder into a range of packages and market it under various brands: for calves, goat kids, lambs, alpaca foals and piglets.


Colostrum powder is available under several brand names and meets the highest standards of purity and nutritional value. We can mix colostrum powder with ingredients as required by our customers. We work according to GMP+ B1 guidelines and closely follow the latest laws and regulations on colostrum and colostrum processing.



We have been working in the world of colostrum since 2008 and have gained much in-depth knowledge about colostrum and its biochemical action. With our extensive knowledge of colostrum, we offer advice and training to help you maximize the benefits of colostrum.


Our Mission

At Arts Food Products, our mission is to support the health and well-being of young animals by providing high-quality colostrum products and expertise in the field of colostrum. We believe in the power of colostrum and the impact it can have on the growth and vitality of young animals.


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We invite you to contact us to learn more about our services and products. Together, we can harness the benefits of colostrum and improve the health of young animals. At Arts Food Products, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and expertise in colostrum and its biochemical activity.


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Thank you for your interest in Arts Food Products. Together we can make a positive impact on the world of colostrum and young animal health.