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Do you have a question?

Our team consists of various disciplines, including medical biology, orthomolecular therapy, and nutritional science. A combination of these disciplines forms the team that develops and formulates your product. We are happy to provide you with advice and answer all your questions.

We are happy to provide you with advice and answer all your questions.

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At Arts Food Products, we specialise in producing the best colostrum replacers for calves. Our excellent powdered calf colostrum products - VaccaCol® en Col-O-Calf - have been carefully developed for IBR-free breeding cattle or as a first milk supplement when dam colostrum quality is average to low.


VaccaCol® is made from colostrum of the first milking and has been specially developed for bull calves with a future in artificial insemination (AI). VaccaCol® is completely free of IBR antibodies.


Where AI breeding is not your intent, Col-O-Calf colostrum powder is taken from the first milking of IBR-vaccinated cows and may contain IBR antibodies.


Both VaccaCol® and Col-O-Calf contain antibodies that protect against Rota- and Coronavirus infections.


Our colostrum replacers for calves guarantee:

  • High Antibody Levels: Both VaccaCol® and Col-O-Calf provide calves with a rich range of antibodies, crucial for immune system development and overall health.
  • Pathogen-Free: We guarantee the absence of potential pathogens in our colostrum powder to keep your new stock safe and healthy.
  • Higher Yield: Thanks to our colostrum replacer powders, livestock farmers enjoy higher yields that translate into higher stock efficiency.


VaccaCol® and Col-O-Calf are ideal choices for orphaned calves and those whose dams produce average to low quality colostrum. Both provide a vital source of nutrients and immunological support that play a central role in calf health, growth and wellbeing. Discover how VaccaCol® and Col-O-Calf contributes to the immune system of your calves!