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CarboVet® Gel 300 ML - For young cattle - Enterotoxins - Mycotoxins

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Product Description

CarboVet is a unique toxin binder for livestock, poultry and pets. The CarboVet® manufacturing process uses an advanced heating action, where specific organic components are heated at temperatures of between 550 and 600 °C. This process occurs under controlled conditions without oxygen, carbon dioxide and steam. The result is a unique pore structure within these organic components, with pore sizes varying from 2 to more than 50 nanometres. This means every gram of gel boasts a spectacular bonding surface of 100 square metres!


CarboVet® plays a crucial role, bonding to dangerous natural chemicals such as bacterial endotoxins and fungal toxins (mycotoxins). These bonds can be physical (weak ionic and Van de Waals interactions between molecules) or chemical (strong interactions between molecules). While endotoxins are most likely to bind by way of physical interactions, mycotoxins are more expected to bind via chemical interactions.  Thanks to the CarboVet® heating process, a significant bonding surface is available for both types of interaction.


CarboVet® gel, with its handy CarboVet® Applicator, provides advanced livestock technology that markedly reduces the effects of harmful toxins in the body. Protect your animals and promote their general health and digestion with easy-to-administer CarboVet® gel.



  1. Place the tube of gel in the CarboVet Applicator (not included).
  2. Hold the animal’s head firmly, pointing it slightly upwards. 
  3. Position the gel tube opening at the back of the mouth, in the middle of the tongue. 
  4. Squeeze the applicator trigger. One squeeze releases 15 ml of gel. Dosage is (approximately) 1 ml per 2 kg bodyweight.

    Product specifications

    Analytical composition Crude cellulose (20,8%), ash (2,4%), protein (0%), fat (0%), carbohydrate (0%), lysine (0%), methionine (0%) sodium (0,75%)
    Compound Water (66%), natural oak charcoal (32%), sodium chloride, potassium chloride. Additives: Flavour enhancers and appetite-stimulants for animals (0,04%)
    Target animal Calves, lambs, foals, crias (alpacas).
    Storage conditions Store in a cool (5 – 25°C), dry place in the original packaging
    Packaging 300 ml cartridge
    Warnings - Do not give CarboVet gel to sick or weak livestock or pets. - Administer for a duration of 2 – 3 days in the morning and early evening.
    Usage Support for optimal livestock digestion.


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    Do you have a question?

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    We are happy to provide you with advice and answer all your questions.

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