Welke biggen krijgen extra biest?

Which piglets receive extra colostrum?

Colostrum is essential for piglets in the farrowing pen. Colostrum is indeed the only source of antibodies for piglets at this stage. Insufficient colostrum leads to reduced immunity, making piglets more susceptible to diseases. A shortage of colostrum in the farrowing pen can have effects even in later stages of life.

Arts Food Products BV has developed and introduced the product PorcaCol® to the market. PorcaCol® provides an extra boost of both energy and antibodies. These antibodies come from 12-hour cow colostrum, which constitutes the majority of PorcaCol® (80%). Additionally, PorcaCol® is an energy supplier containing dextrose (rapidly available energy) and maltodextrin (available energy over a longer period).

Not all piglets necessarily need PorcaCol® to survive. PorcaCol® is primarily used for smaller, lean piglets, and those that are chilled. Piglets that have not received enough colostrum are easily recognizable by the following characteristics (Varkenssignalen®):

- Curved back
- Head down
- Sunken flanks
- Thin hindquarters

Due to the lack of antibodies against potential infections, these piglets are susceptible to diseases. Also, their intestines will develop less effectively because the piglet has not absorbed enough growth factors from the colostrum.

PorcaCol® is not only a supplier of antibodies (IgG, IgA, and IgM) and energy (dextrose and maltodextrin). PorcaCol® also has a prebiotic effect, contributing to gut health by optimizing the environment for beneficial bacteria.

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