Hoe dien je extra biest toe bij biggen?

How do you administer additional colostrum to piglets?

PorcaCol® contains real 12-hour colostrum to boost piglet resistance and contribute to intestinal health through the presence of prebiotics. The colostrum in PorcaCol® comes from a large number of cows, providing the product with a broad spectrum of antibodies against common pathogens.

PorcaCol® also contains two sugar compounds, one of which provides the piglet with quickly available energy. The other sugar has a more complex structure and is therefore slowly broken down, providing energy over a longer period.

To use PorcaCol® optimally, it should be dissolved in lukewarm water, with one part of PorcaCol® dissolved in three parts of water in the provided bottle. By shaking it briefly, the product dissolves quickly. Afterward, the drench gun can be attached to the bottle. The nozzle of the drench gun can be placed at the back of the mouth to administer PorcaCol®. The first time, approximately 9 ml should be administered (e.g., 3x 3 ml). This can be repeated after several hours.

Additionally, PorcaCol® is available in buckets in various packaging sizes. PorcaCol® is offered in a starter kit, and additional packaging sizes of 500, 750, and 1,500 grams are available. The PorcaCol® Starter Kit includes a bucket filled with 750 grams of PorcaCol® for treating over 160 piglets, an HSW dosing gun, a dosing bottle with measurement markings, a funnel, a measuring scoop, and an instruction manual. Everything you need to provide your piglets with antibodies, energy, and prebiotics.


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